Cottonwood AZ Custom Web Design Prices



Web Design Pricing is determined using a quote process.

Together we will determine the scope of your web design project and then we will give you a bid on the total cost of the project.

We believe in no hidden costs. As long as the scope of the project does not change we will quote you a price you can count on. People still want a general price range.  Below will you give you a general idea of web design pricing?

(Please Note: This provides approximate and general pricing.
Actual pricing will be determined by a quote process once we discuss the scope of the work involved in the design of your site.)

1-5 Pages - $950 “The Little Guy”
6-10 Pages - $1150 “The Norm”
11-20 Pages - $1550 “Big Guy”
20+ Pages - Call for a quote

 Pricing includes everything you will need for your web site project

Arrow2 Web Design
Arrow2 Set up of Site Hosting
Arrow2 Registration of Domain Name
Arrow2 Submission to Major Search Engines

         (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.)

Additional charges apply for the following:

Arrow2  Monthly Hosting and Maintenance
Arrow2 Multiple Email Accounts
Arrow2 Secure Certificate (Secure Pages)
Arrow2  Large Photo Galleries
Arrow2  E-Commerce Shopping Cart
  Copyrighted Graphic Purchases

Arrow2  Paid search engine placement

All pricing is approximate and subject to change
For a free estimate and price quote for your web site email us.

There are 2 additional monthly charges for a web site:

Hosting will be in addition to the design costs. This monthly charge (billed yearly) will vary from site to site and be based on the features of your site such as shopping carts, multiple email accounts etc.

The second is Yearly Maintenance. This will be based on your need for regular updating to your site and the level of regular maintenance done to your site. This charge includes periodic submissions to the search engines throughout the year.  If you want your web site to display site secure and have the lock next to the domain name there is an additional yearly charge for an SSL for your site.

As a general rule, for most sites the two expenses run about $21 monthly and will be more if you need routine changes to your site