What is Needed for your Web Design Project

bullet_blueAny graphics that you want to display (Graphics need to be on disk or photo quality so I can scan them)

bullet_bluePhoto quality copy of company logo (if you have one)

bullet_blueA copy of any ad you have run in for example an newspaper etc.

bullet_blueWrite down what you want your site to say? This is your "Content"

bullet_blueWhat do you want viewers to learn about your business

bullet_blueWhat do you want to sell?

bullet_blueDo you want viewers to be able to purchase items via credit card online?

bullet_blueContact information. (Address, Phone, Fax, Email, 800 Number, Etc)

bullet_blueAnything that will be helpful in designing your site the way you want

bullet_blueIs there any site that you like the "look" and "feel" of to use as an example of what you like.

Types of Sites:

bullet_blueStatic Site: One that we build, it puts your company on the Internet and gives viewers a way to see your products, order them online, or contact you for questions and ordering information.
(This kind of site does not need routine updating and changing.)

bullet_blueDynamic Site:  A site where the information on the site is changing daily, weekly, monthly, etc. This type of site requires routine work and changes. A dynamic site has a larger initial cost but then there is less ongoing expense and gives you more control over your web site changes.